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Infoblox automates network services for the cloud with wide range of supported platforms


Automated network controls company, Infoblox is automating network services for the cloud with an industry-leading range of supported platforms.

Infoblox solutions for managing DNS, DHCP and IP addresses – a category known as DDI – now integrate with private cloud platforms from seven enterprise providers including VMware, Microsoft, HP, Cisco, BMC, CA and ElasticBox, giving customers more choices than any other supplier of enterprise-grade DDI.

Private clouds are rapidly gaining traction because they enable agile and scalable delivery of IT services. As part of this, organisations with private clouds must be able to quickly add and remove applications and services; easily shift workloads across physical sites; run workloads in multi-tenant architectures; and make the underlying networks resilient to failures.

While many of these processes are heavily automated today from a server and storage perspective, network services are still largely managed manually, complicating and slowing down private cloud operations.

Infoblox DDI automates network services for private cloud deployments by providing:

Network services without needless delay

Virtual machines (VMs), the building blocks of a private cloud, can be provisioned with IP addresses and DNS records in minutes, instead of the hours or days required by manual processes. These IP addresses can be recovered and reused, and DNS records cleaned up automatically, when VMs are retired.

Unified view

The Infoblox DDI interface, available through a web browser, gives a unified view of physical, virtual and cloud networks across multiple locations, making it easy to confirm that networks are compliant with their intended design.

Flexibility to grow

Infoblox DDI appliances, either physical or virtual, can be quickly added to networks as needed while maintaining a single point of control across multiple sites.

Minimised downtime

Automated tracking of IP addresses and DNS records eliminates IP address conflicts and DNS data entry errors, significantly reducing the risk of downtime.

Infoblox enterprise-grade DDI helps enable networking teams to achieve the full potential of private cloud deployments by configuring and managing networks that are agile, scalable and reliable.

According to David Gee, executive vice president of marketing at Infoblox, IT workloads are shifting to private clouds, which require automation in the network layer. Infoblox is helping to meet this growing need by integrating with more cloud platforms than any other provider of commercial-grade DDI. He adds that Infoblox aims to continue to broaden their portfolio of private cloud integrations in response to customer demand.

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