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Holden’s Elizabeth site could have a manufacturing future

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The site of Holden’s Elizabeth manufacturing plant could become a manufacturing hub after the company leaves in 2017, according to an industry expert.

Associate Professor John Spoehr from the University of Adelaide told the Courier Mail that the remediation of the site would be a major project that would itself employ many people.

He added that such a hub could evolve over a period of time after the environmental remediation is completed.

“An advanced manufacturing hub could be established on site with a particular focus on assistive technologies, energy storage technologies and smart fabrication including modular housing and civil construction using laminated timber technology,” Spoehr said.

“There is also a considerable potential market for solar and possibly concentrated solar thermal associated with new storage technologies. A joint venture on the site with Chinese or Spanish investors might be possible if we begin to adopt this approach in Australia as we should.’’

There are other possibilities for the Elizabeth site post-Holden.

A study prepared for the South Australian Government by the Advanced Manufacturing Council came up with six options, including a flat pack housing fabrication centre; a special purpose (defence) vehicle manufacturing site; and a long term parts and accessories supply centre.

Image: caradvice.com.au

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