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Hino helps develop world-first refrigeration technology


Hino has partnered with automotive parts manufacturer Denso Corporation to create a world-first in truck refrigeration technology.

Conventional truck refrigeration systems require an auxiliary engine or power from the main engine to run the compressor. Drawing on its hybrid drivetrain expertise, Hino has created a truck refrigeration system that uses energy generated by the hybrid system, both while driving and braking, to operate the refrigerator's compressor. The Hino/Denso system provides improved fuel economy, more consistent refrigeration performance and quieter running.

The Hino/Denso refrigeration system will debut in Japan in February on the heavy duty Hino Profia (known locally as the 700 Series).

The absence of an auxiliary engine delivers a weight reduction of approximately 150 kilograms, and simplifies truck refrigeration set-up and maintenance through the inclusion of fewer parts.

A standby unit in the refrigeration system can be connected to an external power source to maintain refrigeration when the truck engine is switched off for extended periods. The standby unit also has a timer function that can automatically pre-freeze the refrigerated room. 

Hino Australia Divisional Manager Product Strategy, Marketing and Customer Care, Alex Stewart explains that the new refrigeration system underlines the vast possibilities of Hino's hybrid expertise and its willingness to partner with industry experts to develop better products. 

For instance, the fuel savings resulting from the latest innovation means that the new Hino 700 Series Profia’s fuel efficiency beats Japan's 2015 standards by five per cent. Additionally, the reduced ongoing running costs from simplifying the refrigeration system will make for an even better cost-performance proposition for owners and operators.

Hino has a long-term commitment to producing hybrid vehicles that deliver driving performance, fuel economy and low emissions without any operational downside. Hino trucks and buses use hybrid technology developed by the Toyota Group of Companies, which is recognised as the primary developer of modern hybrid vehicles, to provide benefits including increased fuel economy and reduced emissions.

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