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High precision 3 axis robotic dispensing systems launched

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Manncorp has launched new multipurpose off-the-shelf dispensing solutions combining high-precision 3-axis robots with integrated digital dispense controllers for a wide variety of SMT assembly tasks.

The 2004D Series systems allow simple and easy point-to-point, linear, or curved-arc application of solder pastes, solder masks, conductive epoxies, and other adhesives with fully synchronised hardware and software.

Weighing less than 100 lbs., the compact benchtop units can store up to 10,000 different dispensing routines created using a handheld teach pendant and simple, intuitive programming. Delivering exceptional quality and performance at remarkably low prices, the 2004D Series 3 axis robotic dispensing system allows a wide variety of CAD and graphics file formats and three-dimensional interpolation of arc and line data points to be imported for use in under-filling, encapsulation, potting, and sealing processes.

Manncorp’s 2004D Series is available in three standard robot models - the 2004D-300, 2004D-400, and 2004D-500, with X-Y working ranges of 300 x 300 mm, 400 x 400 mm, and 500 x 500 mm respectively.

Key features of the 2004D Series include maximum speed, precision, and reliability; high-torque, fast response drive mechanism for speeds to 800 mm/sec.; high-accuracy linear guide rails for repeatability of ±0.01 mm per axis; 100mm of Z-axis stroke; advanced braking system that can hold up to 6kg payload without power; integrated digital dispenser using advanced timer control circuitry and high-speed, American-made solenoid valve allowing dispense duration to be set as low as 0.001 seconds for micro-dispensing volumes as small as 0.001ml; and adjustable suck-back function to prevent dripping of low-viscosity liquids.

The standard dispense controller is supplied with a conventional barrel-type syringe adapter and is compatible with a wide assortment of micro-dispensing valves, tips, and accessories also available from Manncorp.

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