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Gujarat sends workers ‘useless’ payslips

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Despite having not received payments for nearly four weeks, workers at Gujarat NRE have been sent payslips which show wages, taxes, superannuation and union fees have all been paid.

In a move which one miner’s wife described as adding "insult to injury", the statements claim to have paid workers for the last four weeks despite bank account balances remaining unchanged.

"They are sending out payslips to say that they have put this money in our bank account and that they have paid our taxes," the woman told the Illawarra Mercury.

"How do you think it feels for these men to be handed payslips each week with nothing in them?

"They are just useless pieces of paper."

The miner’s wife said the payslips added more confusion to a stressful situation.

"We don't know how much is owed to the tax man, or how much has not been paid on our car [because we have a novated lease] because according to these statements that has all been paid," she said.

"And how can we walk into the bank and say 'I can't pay my mortgage' if it says here that you've been paid?"

A Gujarat spokeswoman said the statements were printed to keep track of what was owed to workers.

"This is the mechanism by which the payroll system can keep track of these entitlements," she said in a statement.

"Funds will be transferred when they become available."

CFMEU south-western district vice president Bob Timbs said he had asked the company to stop providing incorrect payslips.

"We've asked the company to stop, because if they're not paying they need to show zero on [the payslips]," he said.

"But regardless of whether they have been sending out payslips that say workers have been paid, we all know that our members have not been paid and we will make sure every cent of those members' entitlements is paid back if the company survives.

"And if the company doesn't survive, we will make sure that every cent available [through federal grants] will be made available to our members."

Gujarat shareholders are set to vote tomorrow on whether to allow Jindal Steel and Power to takeover the company, a move which the company says will improve cash flow.

 Meanwhile, Gujarat last week lodged a new ‘‘Preferred Project Report’’ submission with the NSW Department of Planning outlining its expansion plans for Russell Vale mine.

The new report has downgraded the mine’s expansion from 18 years to five, while eight shortened longwalls have been proposed as opposed to nine.

Plans to develop seven longwalls at the Wonga West mine have also been scrapped.

However the company said it still plans to ramp up coal production to three million tonnes per year over a five year period.


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