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Globe Tracker and Xmetra announce partnership


Globe Tracker International (GTI) has entered into a partnership with Xmetra OU, a supplier of solutions for remote detection and tracking of leakages of hazardous materials during transportation and storage. GTI is a leader in global trade data sharing, autonomous asset tracking and monitoring, and related data analytics.

Together, the companies will deliver seamlessly integrated, real-time wireless detection, tracking, alarm condition reporting and remote management of intermodal containers (tankers) used for high risk materials wherever they are in the world.

GTI’s smart autonomous asset solution is changing the way the supply chain thinks about asset tracking, management, and monitoring on land and sea. A suite of asset visibility devices and networks such as the Trade Data Exchange Network (TDEN), Smart Autonomous Asset Network (SAAN), and Globe Tracker Communications Unit, it delivers a highly functional, reliable and cost effective global tracking, monitoring and trade data sharing solution.

Xmetra’s mobile wireless leak detector continuously monitors the NARs (Non Accident Releases) of hazardous materials inside the valve area covered by a dome lid on the top of the tank container (ISO, swap or offshore), railroad tank car or road tanker, sending alerts if the concentration exceeds a threshold value. The device uses GPS/GLONASS positioning technology to determinate coordinates and date/time stamp related to the event of a leak.

Xmetra’s capabilities will be integrated into GTI’s smart autonomous asset solution, in particular the GTI Networks to allow monitoring of safety conditions continuously and integrate that information into the rest of the GTI tracking and monitoring data to provide a holistic view of the status of critical cargo, bringing greater end-to-end visibility and responsiveness to alert situations in extended transit.

Andrey Luybyanitsky, Xmetra Founder explains the transport of hazardous materials is always accompanied by risk of leakage or other problems that can result in great damage to life and property. The new partnership with Globe Tracker will integrate Xmetra’s industry-leading sensors with GTI’s remarkable solution to enhance early warning and prevention of problems in hazardous cargo movement.

According to Jim Davis, Globe Tracker Founder and CEO, the combination of Xmetra’s sophisticated sensors and GTI’s ground-breaking smart autonomous asset solution brings their customers and supply chain partners unprecedented real-time visibility in tracking the status of their sensitive, high value but also high risk cargo anywhere in the world. 

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