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GE breakthrough leads to better LED display quality

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GE has announced a new research breakthrough which promises to improve the quality of images displayed on LED devices.

LED-based display technology is used in mobile phones and tablets as well as televisions. The new breakthrough from GE Lighting and GE Global Research is a new phosphor powder that, when packaged inside an LED, helps improved the quality of the final output image.

GE’s patented solution involves adding potassium fluorosilicate (PFS) doped with manganese as a red line emitter to an LED. The use of the PFS phosphor in LED systems generates a reddish color that’s sharper, cleaner, and truer than the current state-of-the-art nitride phosphor – resulting in less color bleed and a richer picture.

According to GE Global Research materials scientist Anant Setlur, backlit displays consist of an array of LEDs fed into a waveguide to filter out red, green, and blue.

"In most of the devices you see on the market today, the red component in the LED is low quality, causing greens to look yellowish," Setlur said

"What we’ve achieved here allows for more natural color in consumer electronics.”

GE Ventures has licensed the technology patents to Sharp Corporation and Nichia Corporation, both of which are manufacturing and packaging LEDs containing PFS phosphor material for use as LED backlights in a wide range of LCD display products.

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