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GE Mining launches new underground equipment

article image GE Mining Global CEO Geoff Knox, left, and GE Fairchild’s Ken Mosley pictured behind the GE Fairchild Continuous Miner.

GE Mining has launched its new range of underground mining equipment at the China Coal & Mining Expo 2013.

GE Mining chief executive officer Geoff Knox said the new technologies are providing innovative solutions to take mine operational performance to the next level, address environmental issues while driving economic growth.

“GE’s latest technologies are helping drive safety, productivity and create sustainable outcomes for mining customers,” Knox said.

He explained that China is an important market for the company.

“GE Mining were very excited to be exhibiting at China Coal,” Knox said.

“China Coal was a successful show for GE Mining, everything we wanted people to be interested in, they were.”

On display was GE’s Industrea Load Haul Dump (LHD) Loader, a safe, purpose built vehicle with best practice Human Factor designs.

The ergonomically designed operator’s cabin can significantly reduce the risk of occupational working injury and increase the operator’s visibility, combined with the advanced motion control system.

The LHD features a centre mount adjustable height cabin with a swivel seat to allow the operator to face the direction of travel and access to the cabin outside of the articulation zone, which greatly improves operator safety as compared with the traditional loader.

Designed with multiple implement functionalities the GE Industrea LHD has increased towing, lifting and carrying capacities.

The installed Tier 3 diesel engine system also minimises emissions in the confines of underground coal mines. 

“At GE Mining we are committed to delivering safe and productivity-enhancing mining equipment to our customers and addressing their needs under the most challenging environments,” Knox said.

Also on show was the company’s new Continuous Miner. 

Built for low seam mining the new F330 can selectivity cut and load low-ash coal on the first swing.

Knox said its F330 Continuous miner is built to improve productivity.

“By having the ability to perform a full-faced center cut that offers 40 per cent more cutting per lift, GE’s Fairchild F330 increases productivity while optimising ventilation and safety,” Knox said.

The F330 continuous miner is center-placed with true wet head shearers allowing room for air to sweep across the face and dilute dust and methane.

 “Its unique double helix shearer allows mine operators to follow the coal seam and stay out of the rock by engaging in full seam or selective mining of cleaner coal,” GE Mining said.

“The result is lower out-of-seam dilutions under the harshest conditions, which reduces maintenance costs and improve our customers’ bottom line.”

Garnering interest at the expo was GE Industrea’s Drill Guidance System which has been developed for in-seam directional gas drainage, dewatering and exploration.

The DGS is operated entirely using a touch screen and the uphole computer which automatically displays the screens relevant to the current operation, enabling the operator to quickly access the specific functions required.

“DGS is an accurate and reliable survey tool with international results to back it up. Over 1,500,000 metres has been drilled using DGS systems throughout the world, in countries including China, Australia, Russia, South Africa and Japan,” the company said.

Over the four days of the China Coal & Mining Expo 2013, visitors also had the opportunity to learn about GE’s advanced DurathonTM Battery energy storage system.

GE’s DurathonTM battery technology features a number of benefits that make the technology faster, cleaner and better than traditional batteries, including at least 30 per cent more operating range.

“The battery is 25 per cent smaller and 50 per cent lighter than traditional batteries,” GE Mining said.

“It’s also safer as it does not release hydrogen or other flammable gasses during normal operation.”

GE is implementing the technology in its new powered scoop which it says will provide greater tractive torque, increased tram speeds, less heating from electrical drive, reduced motor and cable maintenance costs and twice the battery life of traditional 128V DC powered scoops, which results in more effective operation in extreme temperatures and requires no cooling and minimal maintenance.

“It’s exciting to combine GE’s breadth of engineering, propulsion and motor leadership with its energy storage expertise to benefit the mining industry in a significant way,” Knox said. 

GE Mining will continue testing this technology to ensure it meets customer needs.

The Durathon battery powered scoop is expected to be available to the market in 2014.

“It is still early days for GE Mining, however, wherever there are major mines around the world you will find GE Mining,” Knox said.

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