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Furniture makers should compete on quality design, not cost

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Furniture brand One/Third was established last year and has aimed to put design at the front of what it does.

A collaboration between Designs In Timber and designer Alexander Lotersztain, One/Third, the premium brand represents a “new model” in Australian manufacturing, according to its founders.

“In the past design was very much taboo in business, seen as more arts related than business related. We have to leave that attitude behind,” Lotersztain told the Australian Financial Review.

“Design is a profitability tool that can make a business up to date, competitive and talked about. It’s not just the shiny coat on top.”

Patrizia Torelli of the Australian Furniture Association said that it made sense for Australian furniture makers to concentrate on higher end wares. Low-cost products from China should not be seen as competitors, rather high-quality goods from high cost nations in Europe.

“The Australian brand is very well recognise[d] internationally for quality, design, innovation and process,” she said.

“If we don’t take control, the international marker will take what’s ours.

“The world is attracted to who and what we are... Australian designed and manufactured furniture is a solid interpretation of that.”


Image: http://onethird.com.au/accessories/log/

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