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Foxconn considers opening Arizona factory

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Foxconn has said that it is considering opening a factory in Arizona, which would see it follow its biggest customer, Apple.

The Phoenix Business Journal and others report that Arizona’s governor Jan Brewer flew to Taiwan to meet Foxconn’s CEO Terry Gou last Saturday.

According to Infoworld and others, Gou said that his company was considering opening a site at which they would make TVs, display panels and casings for electronic products.

Apple announced last week that it would be investing $US 579 million to build a factory in Arizona for lab-grown sapphire, which is used for screens on electronics products. The factory would employ 700 workers, run entirely on renewable energy, and continue a trend by US companies such as Caterpillar, Motorola and GE in onshoring manufacturing in the US.

Foxconn manufactures electronics under contract in China and Mexico, which is across the border from the prospective Phoenix plant.

The Taiwanese company has come under criticism in recent years due to the conditions, poor pay and long hours its employees work under.

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