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Four ways ERP is about more than your business. It is about your customers


There is no doubt Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is critical to the operational and functional efficiency of a business. However, attracting and maintaining a loyal customer base by providing optimum levels of service is the only way to achieve tangible long-term outcomes.

UXC Eclipse Senior Executive Matt Calderwood explains that the modern consumer expects a flawless interaction from browsing to delivery, which can be facilitated by ERP. To create this seamless interaction for the consumer, the right solution needs to be integrated with business processes built on best practice. While the customer does not need to know what ERP solution is being used to facilitate this seamless, flawless experience, they will insist on having the latest product information and services at their fingertips in real time.

Businesses need to accept that they have to implement and leverage the right ERP system to help meet their customer’s expectations. The business has to look beyond how a new IT solution will impact their bottom line or what the return on investment will be, to first considering the gains for customers that will in turn, lead to increased loyalty and long-term gains for the company.

Four ways ERP translates into a better experience for customers:

1. In-stock position

By managing the inventory and supply chain effectively, ERP will ensure the business has sufficient stock whenever the customer wants it, or is able to source the product easily.

2. Total view of the customer

ERP enables the business to create efficient and tailored communications based on the customer’s request. The business will be connected to their customers across channels to listen, learn and respond with consistent and convenient experiences.

3. Correct data

ERP ensures the data is accurate and available in real time, facilitating optimal engagement with the customer and allowing the business to be proactive in executing the complete shopping experience with insight for customers.

4. Single customer experience

ERP creates uniformity across the entire business from online to in-store, ensuring the customer has a seamless consistent experience regardless of where they browse and buy.

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