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Fendercare subsidiary Scotload launches new safer lifting load measurement technology

article image SmartLoad load measurement device

Fendercare subsidiary Scotload announces the launch of SmartLoad, a new load measurement device designed for safe lifting and increased protection for the operator. 

Designed by the Scotload team in Aberdeen, UK using their accumulated experience and knowledge in conjunction with extensive market research, the SmartLoad load measurement technology will be exhibited in November at the Liftex 2013 exhibition in Bolton. 

SmartLoad has a unique data recording ability that offers increased safety and data verification during lifting operations. The simple logging facility ensures accurate and efficient fleet and asset management, protecting the owner’s investment and providing a correct log of all operations.

SmartLoad eliminates any doubt that may arise over potential overloading during operation while protecting the owner against any risk of litigation. 

Key features of SmartLoad load measurement technology include an internal transportable memory that records usage and an internal event logger that stamps date, time and any overload event. Multiple units can be displayed on one handset with both sum and average loads displayed, making it ideal for multi-point load testing. 

SmartLoad can suit any custom application as new software can be transferred to the unit at the touch of a button. The flexibility of the software and design of the product permit a simple quick retrofit of existing equipment currently in use to upgrade to this new industry standard.

According to Scotload Sales Director Phil Shaw, the SmartLoad is suitable for applications ranging from end-users performing load tests that require a detailed report, to companies operating a large hire fleet. 

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