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FARO releases its most advanced scanning software for geomatic and surveying tasks


One of the world's most trusted sources for 3D measurement, imaging and realization technology, FARO Technologies, Inc has released its most advanced scan processing software solution, FARO SCENE 5.2. Designed to simplify complex geomatic and surveying tasks, the software makes scan results look better.

FARO SCENE 5.2 software renders 3D visualisations in even greater detail with the new Super Sampling function. Apart from better sharpness, the software also improves 3D views by reducing colour differences due to inhomogeneous light conditions at different scanning positions. The Colour Balancing tool seamlessly smoothens the transition between individual scans with overlapping areas.

The SCENE 5.2 software is also equipped to process data more efficiently than ever before. A homogenisation tool eliminates coordinate points with a distance of less than 1.5 mm from each other, with the smart function reducing the volume of data by an average of 20%, and no noticeable compromise to the visualisation. Users can enjoy considerably faster exports of scan data from 3D view, and imports into third party software.

New functions exclusive to the SCENE 5.2 include Multi Clipping Boxes and Multi Orthophoto, which provide users with more options to manipulate scan data. The software’s abilities to recognise natural registration marks and perform fine registration have both been optimised to boost performance in this new version. 

The new WebShare service from FARO enables users to save 3D documentation data in the cloud and share scanned projects with project partners around the world, without having to worry about a dedicated server, limited data storage, or number of authorised users. Besides high security, SCENE WebShare Cloud also offers an interface optimised for mobile devices.

Mr Oliver Burkler, Senior Product Manager explains the FARO SCENE 5.2 is a powerful software that will give users the perfect scanner results. Its new features will definitely enhance the productivity and scan quality of individuals that require 3D documentation in their work, whether in land survey, heritage preservation or creation of virtual reality.

SCENE 5.2 fully complements the FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D X 330, with the software’s new features capitalising on the device’s extended range of measurement.

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