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Enware Australia celebrates 75 years


Hospitality, hygiene and water conservation product company, Enware Australia, is this year celebrating its 75th anniversary.

Headquartered in Caringbah, Enware has more than trebled its employment in a decade and has a team of more than 190 people.

Enware Australia produces specialist tapware, water management systems and water technology products for hospitals, schools, laboratories, food preparation facilities, hospitality providers, retail facilities, local and government facilities and age care facilities.

Executive chairman, Paul Degnan, said connecting with its customers is key to the brand's success."We don’t even try to match the strengths of Asia, which are predominantly bulk production runs for mass markets. Our markets are those where there is a strong design component required, a special relationship with the end user and understanding of their needs – qualities that they just can’t buy off the shelf," he said.

As well as trebling the size of its team, Enware has also trebled its turnover over the last decade, focusing strongly on the plumbing and safety markets with special emphasis on food and hospitality, hygiene and water conservation products.

Degnan doesn't deny that Australian manufacturers are experiencing tough conditions at the moment, but is optimistic that a commitment to quality and to the Australian industry will pay off in the long run.

"It’s tough out there for any business at the moment, there’s no doubt about that, but Enware has stayed committed to quality, and keeping skills and jobs in Australia," he said.

"While many companies in the industry have moved offshore for lower costs, Enware has, as much as possible, committed to keeping core manufacturing skills and technology here."

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