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Envirotainer signs strategic multimillion dollar shipping container GPS and tracking contract with OnAsset


Envirotainer has entered into a multimillion dollar contract with OnAsset Intelligence to equip its leading air cargo containers, RKN e1 and RAP e2, with SENTRY FlightSafe real-time data collection and GPS tracking technology.

This strategic contract marks the first phase for implementing and embedding OnAsset’s devices in Envirotainer’s fleet of active containers.

OnAsset Intelligence Inc., the market leader in M2M airborne asset tracking solutions, and Envirotainer, the world leader in secure cold chain logistics solutions within the life science industries, announced last year a collaborative partnership to enhance Envirotainer’s RKN e1 and RAP e2 containers with real time tracking and monitoring. Since then, Envirotainer and OnAsset have been working with prominent pharmaceutical customers to test the new technology with real shipments across the globe.

By deploying SENTRY FlightSafe devices on Envirotainer’s active containers, Envirotainer will provide its customers with increased availability of RKN e1 and RAP e2 containers along with proactive monitoring of time and temperature sensitive products critical to the life science community. This increased visibility offers peace of mind for end-to-end cold chain distributors and will enhance data analytics throughout the supply chain.

Gabriel Andersson, COO of Envirotainer and overall responsible for the Telemetry program, described the contract as another milestone in their overall plan of collecting, storing and providing relevant data on an unprecedented scale to customers and partners.

He adds that solving data collection in the infrastructure layer in a cost-effective and very secure way will unlock the full potential and change the overall way of how the cold chain will be developed in the future.

OnAsset CEO Adam Crossno states OnAsset will operationalize the benefits of real time visibility for cold chain applications with significant business impacts.

Envirotainer will continue to deploy OnAsset’s technology on its fleet throughout 2014 and 2015 until the whole fleet is equipped. In addition, Envirotainer will make a special announcement at the 12th Annual Cold Chain GDP & Temperature Management Logistics Global Forum in Boston, Massachusetts, regarding this new solution.

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