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Elmo Motion Control now providing remote login access for its motion tools


Motion control solutions specialist Elmo Motion Control is now offering free remote login access for its unique EASII Experience - Remote Practice System (EASII-RPS), an exclusive and advanced simple-to-use motion control system.

The free web-based access will allow anyone from anywhere in the world to seamlessly experience first-hand the advanced motion tools provided by Elmo’s EASII software environment.

Comprising of servo motors, feedbacks, servo drives, multi-axis controller, EtherCAT network master controller, and Application Studio (EASII), the new EASII Experience RPS enables the user to build up a complete application online with no need to purchase or install any hardware or operating system. The free online Motion Control Experiencing tool will allow users to learn advanced motion control, high performance servo technology and EtherCAT networking.

A true educational system for any engineer involved in automation and motion, the RPS for beginners is a very efficient and comprehensive introduction to advance motion control, while demonstrating the most updated and state-of-the-art servo tuning, complex multi axis capabilities and real time EtherCAT networking for skilled engineers.

Elmo Motion Control CEO Haim Monhait explains that the online access is Elmo’s modest contribution to improving awareness of a very advanced level of automation and motion control.

The free remote access to Elmo’s unique EASII Experience RPS will enable anyone to explore the motor and drives in action, configure the EtherCAT network, develop IEC-61131-3 programs as well as perform complex multi axis synchronised motions, advanced system analysis in the frequency and time domains, filter scheduling, motion sequencing, drive programing and data recording. 

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