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EV launches new downhole drill optic technology

article image Optis HD electric line camera saves time and reduces risk in well diagnosis

A specialist in downhole video technology, EV has launched its Optis HD electric line camera for the well intervention market.

Designed to provide vital well diagnosis, saving time and reducing risk, EV’s revolutionary new technology allows operators to stream colour video using the latest video technology combined with sophisticated high speed telemetry and video compression techniques.

Suitable for well integrity inspection and monitoring of downhole corrosion and mechanical damage, the Optis HD electric line camera has successfully completed a wide run of 100 field trial jobs in Canada before its commercial release in the North Sea Gulf of Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Australia.

EV Chief Executive Francis Neill explains that the new Optis HD electric line camera demonstrates a significant advancement in the application of wellbore camera technology, which has the capacity to stream colour video at up to 25 frames per second, using the latest in high speed telemetry. 

He adds that the camera creates high quality pictures downhole, allowing clients to diagnose issues, resolve them quickly and reduce future risk. 

Optis HD electric line cameras feature improved speeds and picture quality compared to similar downhole video cameras currently on the market, allowing for advanced inspection of oilfield surface equipment for integrity issues. 

According to Mr Neill, their investment in research and development has enabled them to significantly improve the quality of pictures, particularly in marginal conditions by optimising both the lighting and lens.

EV is the market leader in downhole video applications and has experienced strong growth in recent months with new international bases opening in Dubai and Australia. The company is focussing on expanding its international reach with future growth plans to enter key markets in West Africa, Middle East and Indonesia. 

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