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Dust & Fume extraction quick checklist

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Dust & Fume extraction quick checklist 

A typical basic dust extraction system requires several key components:

There are some basic rules that must be adhered to if a satisfactory outcome is to be achieved.

A). The air required at each hood must be of sufficient volume and velocity to capture the waste product produced during manufacture, for example where there are cutting wheels operating at high speeds (revolutions).

B). The conveying velocity (speed) required to convey waste material through the ductwork must be high enough to ensure that the material does not fall out of the airstream onto the floor of the ducting, causing blockages in the system and bringing production to a halt. In continuous shift plants, this is extremely important.

C). The fan that is selected must produce the adequate air volume for every hood sized to overcome resistance to airflow inherent in any dust extraction system; this is also a very important factor.

D). The actual type of dust collector used is vital to a successful outcome. In other words, the correct selection of dust collector for the job is of critical importance, both to the worker and to the company.

E). The cleaning device on the dust collector must ensure that any pressure drop across the filter media does not to rise to the point where the airflow in the system is reduced below the design-specified minimum. The right cleaning system for the collector must be chosen to maintain the correct pressure drop across the filter material while production continues.

If pressure is allowed to rise beyond the design maximum the whole system will fail in its intent to remove dust and contaminants from the work environment.

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