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Developing flexible infrastructure solutions for datacentre storage

article image CRS is a leading supplier of hot/cold-aisle containment systems

Australian company Computer Room Solutions (CRS) specialises in meeting the demand in the rapidly expanding datacentre sector for increased storage capacity at short notice. Since its formation in 2006, CRS has gained the insight, skills and experience to become an industry leader in the design, development and commissioning of datacentre infrastructure.

CRS has increased its specialist and technical staff to meet the growing demand for effective and efficient datacentre storage systems. The company has also moved into a new, purpose built head office facility where it can offer its customers tailored solutions with fast turnaround times. According to Brendan Dessent, Managing Director of CRS, the business model for the company utilises surplus capacity resourcing, which enables his company to respond rapidly to extremely short fulfilment cycles.

The robust, contemporary range of CRS racks and cabinets is designed and made in Australia to local and international manufacturing standards. The racks and cabinets are compatible with all standard 19-inch servers, UPS units, data storage, back-up devices, environmental and cable management systems.

Most datacentres are developed within a building that has already been constructed, or after all the plans have been finalised. CRS works with facilities management staff, builders and contractors to fit the datacentre design around existing mechanical, electrical and other services within the structure.

CRS provides computer-rendered models of all proposed solutions to customers in a variety of formats, including the latest 3D PDFs. This ensures every client knows exactly what they are getting so there are no surprises or oversights.

Each CRS rack or cabinet can be customised with a range of compatible accessories and options to produce individual solutions for each project, or custom designed to suit the requirements of the design brief. Dessent added the company's racks and cabinets are designed with maximum use and functionality in mind. CRS has responded to customer feedback and used internal R&D to develop industry specific clip in, or ‘tool-less’ features, such as a vertical 19-inch rail adjustment, cable management systems, power distribution units and shelving systems.

The flexibility of CRS designs allows customers to realise immediate financial benefits through reduced running costs and also take advantage of improvements to energy efficiency in the long term, thus minimising emissions and substantially reducing cooling and energy costs.

CRS is a market leader in hot/cold aisle containment systems. CRS installations can be designed and fabricated with or without a raised floor, utilising both in-row coolers and computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units. CRAC units are replacing standard air conditioning in datacentres as they are more dynamic systems that monitor and maintain the temperature, air distribution and humidity instead of just blowing cold air.

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