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Developer to appeal Mackay council decision to refuse worker camp

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The future of a 950-room worker’s camp in Mackay is undergoing a tug-of-war, as Lagoon Estate Developments sets up to appeal against the Mackay Regional Council’s decision to refuse their project.

Lagoon Estate Developments spokesman Peter Cardiff said parties involved in the appeal had recently been "defined", which included Mackay Tourism, Blacks Beach Cove, Mackay Regional Council and two State Government departments.

Cardiff said the State Government departments had previously voted in favour of the development, and that an appeal in the Planning and Environment Court would involve "considerable expense" for all parties.

"When it comes time to go to court for a hearing, each party is normally represented by a solicitor and a barrister, as well as a number of expert witnesses," he said.

"The logistics are quite an issue, just to get everybody in the same room at the same time."

Mr Cardiff said it could take up to six months before the appeal was heard in court.

"We'll go through a series of administrative steps now, within the court process, to start to identify the issues and work towards a hearing," he said.

The 950-room camp, proposed for Lot 1, Lansdowne Rd, was refused on 13 conditions, including that there was no "overriding need" demonstrated for an accommodation camp of that size in Mackay, that the development was "premature" and that Meadowlands Rd was not able to accommodate an increase in traffic. The proposal attracted plenty of attention from the onset, with many West Mackay residents opposing the idea.

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