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Confronting PVC and plasticiser issues in Asian markets


Problems with PVC and plasticisers are not only being discussed but are also regulated with guidelines, restrictions and even taxes.

Regardless of EG plasticiser or FDA guidelines, claims by the COT (Committee on Toxicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment) or the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), PVC restrictions in many Asian countries, or recycling taxes on packaging containing PVC as in Taiwan, discussions related to PVC and plasticisers will continue unabated.

However, Provalin is one solution that can address the concerns being expressed about the use of PVC and plasticisers in packaging. Asia is taking the lead not only with a growing awareness of PVC-free solutions but also with the increasing demand for Provalin. Extensive tests have convinced some of the major packagers to opt for Provalin as a PVC- and phthalate-free sealing compound for their twist-off, P/T or Band-Guard closures.

The increasing adoption of Provalin is being attributed to the restrictions on the use of PVC for metal vacuum closures in most Asian countries as well as the fact that these countries wish to export to the European market where stringent statutory regulations governing the composition of sealants, their properties and migration into contents must be observed.

There is positive feedback from Asian clients for the use of Provalin with Band-Guard closures. Band-Guard is a Press-On Twist-Off (PT) style composite closure that combines all the advantages of metal and plastic caps in a single closure. The closure features a metal disc with a PVC-free liner, a tamper evident safety button and a plastic outer shell, with drop down tamper-evident band.

Provalin is also being applied in Asia to manifold food stuff, be it cold or hot filling, pasteurisation or sterilisation requirements. Demand for PVC-free solutions such as Provalin is expected to rise with the continued PVC restrictions and recycling taxes for packaging containing PVC.

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