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Coalition claims Labor misled public on Holden

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The federal government has accepted General Motors’ claim that it would have shut Holden no matter the level of taxpayer support it received and has said Labor misled the public on the issue.

AAP reports that government ministers Joe Hockey and Christopher Pyne have dismissed Labor claims that more assistance could have saved auto manufacturing jobs.

Referring to statements made by GM executives that their decision was unaffected by the level of public assistance offered, Joe Hockey said on twitter, “Bill Shorten and Jay Weatherill (have been) called out by GM executives for their foolish behaviour. Enough said.”

And Education Minister Christopher Pyne said Labor should apologise to the Australian people for misleading them.

"Today we've seen... the shredding of Jay Weatherill's credibility," he said.

Still, both the Opposition and the Greens are holding to the line that the government could have done more.

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill told reporters that the government rejected a proposal that Holden put to it in October last year.

"Now we have the raking over the coals now Holden has closed to make sure that blame is shifted," Weatherill said.

"A proposition was put to the federal government that they rejected which led to the closure of Holden.”

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