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Changing the perception of packaging globally


More than 4,000 billion packaging units produced worldwide protect goods enabling them to be transported (2011) safely. An aspect of packaging that is often taken for granted in the industrial countries of the western world, this protection is urgently required in threshold and developing countries to ensure sufficient supplies for people. 

According to the Safe Food Initiative, the annual losses in food accounting for 1.3 billion tons can only be countered by the use of efficient and intelligent packaging solutions, which are gentle on resources. 

Packaging plays a key role particularly in the food (45% share of packaging volume) and beverages (28%) industries. It not only protects food from spoiling, it also ensures safety throughout the value chain from production through storage to distribution to consumers. 

Packaging has economic and ecological significance and ultimately represents a cost factor in terms of production. The food and beverages industry as well as packaging manufacturers and their suppliers are all focussed on the need to continually develop and optimise packaging solutions from economic, ecological and consumer protection aspects. 

One such successful example is represented by the development of PROVALIN, an innovative closure sealing compound without PVC and plasticizers for all types of metal closures. Made from material suitable for contact with food in accordance with EU and FDA guidelines, the compound is based on thermoplastic elastomers, which can be melted and brought into the desired shape when heat is applied.

TPE materials are very popular, particularly in sensitive and highly-regulated markets as they are capable of complying with the multifaceted requirements associated with a range of statutory guidelines, regulations and specifications. 

Actega DS started to focus its attention on PVC-free solutions and sustainable production at an early stage. Their product range includes innovative sealants for crown corks as well as aluminium, metal vacuum and plastic closures.

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