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Carr wants Senate inquiry into manufacturing

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Former industry minister Senator Kim Carr is pushing for a 15-month federal inquiry into manufacturing job losses.

The inquiry follows the demise of car manufacturing in Australia – with Holden and Toyota confirming they would cease manufacturing in Australia since the Coalition took office in September – and recent high-profile job losses, such as at Alcoa inGeelong.

Fairfax reports that the Greens are likely to support Carr’s movement in the Senate today, which the article calls a “transparent attempt to embarrass the government into protecting industry jobs”.

The federal Coalition government’s industry policy was claimed by Labor as a reason for the surprise South Australian election result over the weekend, with Labor positioned to retain power, albeit in a minority government.

Federal SA Liberal minister Chris Pyne said that this was ridiculous.

"The truth is that Labor again got less than 50 per cent of the vote on a two party preferred basis," Pyne said, according to Fairfax.

"I think it is a sad indictment on the Labor Party that when they've had a swing against them, and they somehow claim that as vindication for very poor policy."

The manufacturing industry in South Australia and Victoria are both subject to reviews, which are yet to be published, and both economies will suffer large job losses from the end of automotive assembly.

Carr claims there has been 5,500 jobs lost in automotive alone since the change of federal government.

''What we haven't seen from this government is any plan to deal with these job losses or transition Australia to the high-skill, high-tech jobs and industries of the future,” said Carr.  

“They have no science policy, no innovation policy and no industry policy.''


Image: The Australian

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