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Car dealerships consider effects of auto industry collapse

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The end of Australia’s automotive manufacturing sector might be a positive for car sales, with more brands and possibly more money spent by car companies on marketing their products being possible outcomes

Business Review Weekly reports that John Bradley, CEO of car dealers Preston Motor Group, has said that he expects new brands – such as a Ford’s Mustang and more offerings from GM Holden– might be seen in the future.

“I’ve no doubt that Holden will send some great cars as well, he told BRW.

“So while it is sad what has happened to the manufacturing industry, the closures should not in themselves hurt car yards.”

He also said that car companies in Australia might invest money spent in manufacturing locally into their marketing, at least initially.

Other possibilities mentioned included a reduction in the number of dealerships due to consolidation and the removal of the small tariffs remaining on imported cars.

Image: sunex.com.au

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