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CFC improves fuel cell technology, slashes stack degradation


CERAMIC Fuel Cells says it has improved its BlueGEN product and achieved up to 70% reduction in stack degradation rates, resulting in improved efficiency.

BlueGEN uses ceramic fuel cells to electrochemically convert gas into technology. Fuel cells are stacked (connected in a series) to allow a higher current to be supplied. Like any other electrochemical system, these stacks are subject to degradation over time.

According to Ceramic Fuel Cells, it validated the degradation rate improvements at a site of its key German customer, EWE, over the past 6 months.

This substantial decrease in the degradation rates significantly improves the efficiency of the product over the life of the stack, claims Ceramic Fuel Fells. It’s also a step towards the company’s goal to extend its product’s lifetime to 10 years.

The company will introduce the patented improvements into the supply chain. It will then incorporate the improvements into routine stack production at its Heinsberg assembly facility.

Ceramic Fuel Cells says its R&D team continues to make upgrades to its product, with development focus remaining on cost reduction and product improvements.

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