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Bosch providing product protection for coffee for over 50 years

article image Did you know Bosch Packaging Technology is also an expert in product protection for coffee?

Bosch Packaging Technology specialises in providing product protection solutions, continuously improving on their processes over the years.

Bosch Packaging Technology’s focus on protecting customers’ products extends to oxygen-sensitive coffee. Beginning with product protection during the filling process, the company has developed several processes since 1960 to minimise the packaged product’s oxygen rates, including evacuation for vacuum packaging, inert-gas flushing or even a combination of both techniques.

Aroma protection with the help of valves

One kilo of roasted coffee produces up to six litres of roasting gasses over a period of five weeks. Even storing the coffee at this stage leads to a loss of aroma. To eliminate the need for costly interim storage and preserve the coffee’s rich aroma, Bosch developed product protection valves in 1980. 

Attached on the inside or outside of the package, coffee and other gas-emitting products can be packaged immediately because the semipermeable valves release the over pressure building up inside the packaging but prevent oxygen from entering the bag. To guarantee precise valve application, applicators were developed in-house. These are available in standalone or integrated versions and can be easily installed on almost all machine types.

Filling precision thanks to auger fillers and checkweighers

Filling and dosing equipment has to be attuned individually for the products. High filling precision is necessary to prevent breakage or wastage. Bosch’s check weighers adjust over- and under filling by tendency regulation, ensuring the coffee’s fine capillaries are still intact, preventing wasteful filling of a high-premium product and fulfilling the customer’s expectations. 

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