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Bison introduces 1st DC hypoid right-angle gearmotor

article image PowerSTAR series DC motor

Bison Gear and Engineering is launching a PMDC motor version of the PowerSTAR hypoid right-angle gear motors.

Featuring all of the gearing advantages of the AC motor PowerSTAR series, the new gearmotor also offers easy variable speed control and high start-up torque.

Key features of the new PowerSTAR series include permanent magnet TENV (totally enclosed, non-ventilated) DC motors with dynamically balanced armatures, tang-type diamond turned commentators, high-grade ceramic magnets and oversized replaceable brushes.

Built to Class F insulation standards, the motors offer proven performance in diverse Bison products and customer applications.

Each motor series will feature different voltage options to align with specific applications: 720 Series - 12, 24, 90, 130 and 180 V; 725 Series - 12, 24, 90, 130 and 180 V; 730 Series - 24, 90, 130 and 180 V.

Similar to the AC motor version, the DC PowerSTAR comes equipped with advanced hypoid gearing technology that provides up to four times the efficiency of a typical worm gearmotor, and mounting configurations for both imperial and metric equipment. The DC motor version is also designed to excel in remote (or battery powered) applications and equipment requiring high start-up torque or variable speed control, such as gate operators, pumping stations and food service conveyors.

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