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Beumer launches new belt tray sorters

article image BEUMER's high-performance Belt Tray Sorter guarantees fast, safe express goods sorting

Intralogistics specialist, the BEUMER Group introduced a new range of belt tray sorters at the recent CeMAT trade fair in Hanover.

BEUMER’s Model BS 7 BT belt tray sorter was seen in action at CeMAT, equipped with various modules and functions such as the manual loading station, semi-automatic induction with camera system and a demo module of the BEUMER Warehouse Control System.

With the new belt tray sorter, BEUMER demonstrated how it can provide efficient sorting systems to meet the demanding requirements of its customers. The BEUMER BS 7 BT sorter was presented with the smallest possible separation of 400mm at the CeMAT where the company also defined a speed of 1.75 metres per second, enabling the system to achieve a sorting output of 15,750 items per hour. At the maximum speed of 2.5 metres per second, the machine capacity increases to 22,500 items per hour.

The sorter was also fitted with the innovative OptiDrive friction wheel drive developed and patented by BEUMER. The OptiDrive system offers an efficiency of up to 80 percent, and is also energy-efficient and durable.

The belt tray sorter was fitted with various modules and functions to demonstrate to users how it could meet their specific requirements. These included a manual loading station, which allows the operator to place goods manually onto a sorter tray where he can assess the product for damage before the automatic sorting process. The manual loader can be set flexibly making them suitable for industries with high peak phases.

The semi-automatic induction option was also demonstrated at the exhibition. Designed for taking the goods to be sorted as bulk products to the sorter, this function is quite similar to the manual loader, allowing the operator to check the condition of the goods as they are placed on the conveyor before being taken to the automatic sorting process. The advantage over manual loading is that the operator can work independently of the sorting speed, because the products reach the sorter via the induction unit.

BEUMER also presented the camera system, which reads barcodes on the products as they are being inducted. If the barcode is not recognised, the product is not forwarded. BEUMER presented a tool for the BS 7 BT that corrects mistakes in the sorting process and further improves precision in addition to a camera system with integrated volume measurement designed to identify the products on the sorter.

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