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Ballarat cluster group aids adaptation

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The City of Ballarat and Australian Industry Group’s Ballarat Industry Innovation Program has so far attracted 15 companies.

The Ballarat Courier reports that the collaborative group was formed in response to the difficulties in the region, which shed half of its manufacturing jobs between 2010 and 2013.

The program offered came about to help businesses and residents adapt to economic change.

“We want to help business create an innovation pipeline, for them to renew themselves, their product and their market place.” Frank Paton, the program’s facilitator, told the Courier.

The companies so far range from food to automotive manufacturers. And though each required a different reponse to the situation, “hey can still learn things from each other”

David Doyle, FMP Integrated’s supply chain manager, said BIIP offered a chance to network and share experiences with peers.

“Cross collaboration is the only way to survive,” said Doyle.

“They might be doing something that we’ve never thought of that might suit as well.” 

 Image: http://www.cityviewsballarat.com.au/



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