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Badgerys Creek airport “long overdue”: Ai Group

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The decision to name Badgerys Creek as the site of Sydney’s second airport, with an estimated cost of $2.5 billion for its construction, was given the thumbs up by the Australian Industry Group.

Fairfax reported on Monday that federal cabinet was certain to agree on the site, 50 kilometres west of Sydney’s CBD.

The announcement came yesterday from prime minister Tony Abbott, who claimed that up to 4,000 construction jobs were expected to be created, as well as 60,000 new permanent jobs once the airport was running.

"It's a long, overdue decision which, to be honest, has been shirked and squibbed by successive governments for far too long," said Abbott, according to Fairfax.

"I also want to stress that the government's approach will be roads first, airport second, because we don't want the people of western Sydney to have an airport without having the decent transport infrastructure that western Sydney deserves."

The Ai Group was quick to welcome the decision, with NSW Director Mark Goodsell calling the decision “well overdue" in a statement.

The site had been purchased between 1986 and 1991 by the then-Labor government, but fears about sensitivities around issues such as aircraft noise and traffic in marginal seats have made things politically difficult for governments since then.

The Ai Group and other business representatives have lauded the decision.

"Not only will such a project result in contracts and jobs in infrastructure, transport links and airport operations - it will also support the economic ecosystem for new industries around aviation and defence logistics in western Sydney,” said Goodsell, who added that local businesses should be able to enjoy the economic benefits from the construction.

"NSW and Australian-based companies should also be given a fair opportunity to compete for contracts related to such a major development."

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