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BEUMER Group releases automatic articulated robot for high-quality swift and stable stacking

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A single-source provider for filling, palletising and packaging technologies, BEUMER Group is focussed on supplying sustainable solutions to their customers.

The new BEUMER robotpac is a space-saving range of fully automatic articulated robots with the ability to stack bundles such as bags, cardboard boxes, crates, canisters or trays safely and economically, solving even complex palletising and de-palletising challenges reliably and efficiently. BEUMER has developed fully automatic gripping systems that are easily exchangeable and suitable for each item to be packed.

Different Grippers for Different Tasks

Designed for palletising bagged goods and cardboard boxes, the fork gripper picks up the packaged item from a take-away roller conveyor and secures it using a holding-down device during transport. Once the target position on the pallet has been reached, the gripper opens with a horizontal movement and the push-off plate pushes the packaged item off the fork. Gentle product handling and precise placement of the packaged items are two key advantages delivered by fork grippers.

Also designed for palletising bagged goods and cardboard boxes, the double fork gripper picks up two bags simultaneously from a double take-away roller conveyor. Once the packaged item is placed on the pallet, the fork is raised and the tool approaches the target position for the second packaged item. Once both forks have placed the packaged items, the tool returns to the pick-up position.

The finger gripper has been developed for palletising bagged goods, taking the bags from the hoist equipment on the take-away roller conveyor and carrying it to the target position. In the finger gripper, the fingers open while the slide plates remain in a closed position ensuring the bag is guided along the sides during the stacking process. The double finger gripper is a high-performance tool designed for maximum palletising capacity.

Parallel and Suction Grippers, Combination and Special Tools

The parallel gripper has been designed for palletising cardboard boxes and other dimensionally stable containers with parallel side walls. Key components include a fixed plate that functions as a limit stop and a pneumatically activated clamping device that pushes the cardboard box horizontally against the fixed plate.

Designed to handle all goods with suctionable surfaces, the suction gripper places its suction head above the product and then lowers it tightly against the product surface. The vacuum pump creates a vacuum in the suction head, picking up the bag and transporting it to the target position. Air is released into the suction head to release the bag. The suction gripper is used for low palletising capacities.

BEUMER also offer a large number of speciality grippers and combination tools. Special tools enable simultaneous processing of secondary tasks, including sheet or empty pallet placement on the conveying systems or barcode reading. BEUMER can also custom design a system specifically for such unique requirements in the event the standard grippers are not suitable for the customer’s application.

High Availability and Gentle Handling

Key benefits of the BEUMER robotpac include excellent precision and availability as well as gentle product handling. An ultrasonic system provides accurate measures of the stacking height, making it possible to calculate the exact placing position of the packaged items and stack them precisely and carefully, guaranteeing an optimal stack configuration that also ensures high stability during shipping and storage.

System and control from one source

BEUMER control systems do not require special robot-related expertise from operators thanks to a user-friendly design. The intralogistics specialist has equipped the robot with the BEUMER Human Machine Interface (HMI) to enable operators to operate the BEUMER robotpac easily and quickly. The HMI is an operator panel with an optimised user interface and optimised navigation, enabling the user to define efficient working sequences in an intuitive manner. The operator can control the machine safely, independently of prior skills, training and capabilities, thus saving time and money.

Regulated by complex control mechanisms, the BEUMER robotpac can stack packaged goods of variable dimensions on one pallet. Individual programmes cover all packing patterns, so that complicated and tedious adjustments are eliminated. A pushbutton function allows the operator to switch to another programme, allowing the BEUMER robotpac to optimise the material flow quickly and easily adapt itself to products of different sizes and characteristics.

Smooth operation is ensured with robust and empirically tested machine components, together with state-of-the-art geared motors. In addition to simple maintenance and quiet operation, the BEUMER robotpac also allows performance to be enhanced cost-effectively. Equipped with an additional drive axle and an integrated motor connected to the control system, the BEUMER robotpac is freely movable on a guide rail, making it suitable for use in distribution centres for order picking tasks. The BEUMER robotpac demonstrates its reliability even in the dusty environments of packing plants or the building material industry.

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