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Australian LED specialist designing and manufacturing LED lights for tough Australian conditions

article image cherryLED highbays not only cut power bills, but reduce facility maintenance costs due to their long-lasting luminaire design

An Australian company has taken a unique approach to market a more robust and high performance range of LED lighting, designed specifically for the Australian climate.

Though several off-the-shelf LEDs from China are entering the Australian market, very few are designed specifically for Australian conditions such as climate, discrepancy in housing types and a unique electrical grid with a much higher voltage level and supply configuration than much of the rest of the world. 

cherryLED has therefore turned the usual supply/manufacture process on its head, employing a process of reverse engineering to meet the solution. Combining the ingenuity of Australian design, the tough testing of Australian standards and the formidable manufacturing landscape of China, the company has introduced a new range of LED lighting products built for local conditions. 

Designed, engineered and tested in Australia, including heat testing by the Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade for safety, the products are manufactured by a manufacturer in China, who not only adheres to their strict specifications, but also ethically shares their high standards. 

Ben Wright, General Manager of cherryLED explained that the selection process for the manufacturer took considerable effort and time. Their R&D arm undertook a rigorous selection process that included some stringent testing of products at home base as well as countless site inspections, review of standard regulatory materials and the building of trusted relationships face to face. He adds the process is ongoing and will continue to be a critically evaluated and integral driver of their business success.

cherryLED is also protecting their products with the right patents and IP protection, given the very real risk of having their product copied. Ben Wright says they have a strict monitoring program in place and also maintain a very close relationship with some trusted independent QA advisors in China who regularly liaise (and review products) with cherryLED’s manufacturers.

cherryLED is now working on a true 'plug n play' downlight globe that will be compatible with existing transformers in the market, making available the benefits of LED lighting to all Australians.

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