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Australian ICT performance lags in global survey

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The World Economic Forum’s Global Information Technology Report 2014 has shown Australia’s relative performance in ICT (information and communications technology) continued to slide in the last decade.

The ABC reports that Australia placed 18th overall, down from a placing of 9th in 2004. The Ai Group’s chief economist Julie Toth said that infrastructure lagged, and showed “that we do still need something like a National Broadband Network”.

Toth said regulations for fraud and security were good, but affordability and access for business were not.

"The business usage index, we're still only ranked 24th on that one and 49th on affordability," Toth told the ABC.

Australia’s overall ranking was the same as it achieved last year.

Finland led the Networked Readiness Index in the survey, followed by Singapore, Sweden, the Netherlands and Norway. Australia, at 18th place, was followed by Iceland and New Zealand.

The AiG’s CEO Innes Willox said the drop in ranking since 2004 was “steady and disappointing”.

The four key areas countries were ranked on (and Australia’s position in each) for using ICT for growth were environment (14th place), readiness (9th), usage (19th) and impact (16th).

To read the Ai Group’s summary of the findings, click here.


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