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Application Readiness solution adds risk assessment capabilities to safeguard mobile app deployments


Flexera Software announces the release of AdminStudio Suite 2014, designed to help enterprises eliminate much of the risk and inefficiency involved in preparing mobile applications for deployment via centralised Application Readiness best practice processes and automation. Flexera is a leading provider of next-generation software licensing, compliance and installation solutions for application producers and enterprises.

Robert Young, Research Manager at IDC explains that many organisations have well-developed Application Readiness processes for testing, fixing and preparing enterprise applications for deployment; however, introducing mobile applications into the environment without similar processes can create significant risks. Organisations should therefore, look closely at all mobile apps touching enterprise data and systems, and implement centralised processes to ensure governance and reliability of those apps prior to their deployment.

Streamlining Mobile Application Management

AdminStudio Suite 2014 ensures applications conform with IT standards and work within an organisation’s environment by following best practice processes for preparing physical, virtual, and mobile applications. In addition to managing internally-developed mobile apps with AdminStudio, organisations can now import public store links from Apple App Store and Google Play, and prepare and manage them in conformance to their standard Application Readiness processes. The solution also allows IT to automatically extract metadata from property files and app stores to streamline distribution of iOS and Android mobile apps to AirWatch Mobile Device Management and Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager.

Test Mobile Apps for Device Operating System (OS) Compatibility

AdminStudio Suite 2014 also enables organisations to automate compatibility testing of mobile apps for error-free deployment to mobile operating systems and devices such as iPads, iPhones, and Android phones, ensuring proper functioning. These new capabilities help improve service quality and dependability to end users of both internally developed mobile apps and those from public app stores. IT can also proactively help ensure change-readiness by leveraging new AdminStudio Suite 2014 tests that check for mobile app compatibility with the iOS8 Developer Preview, allowing organisations to discover in advance the specific apps that are ready for the next iOS update.

Assess Mobile App Portfolio for Risky Behaviours and Compliance with Enterprise Policies

Mobile apps are capable of accessing and exposing critical and sensitive corporate data, presenting challenges to enterprise security. To address this concern, AdminStudio Suite 2014 now is able to identify organisations’ mobile apps displaying behaviours that may introduce risk to corporate security and data privacy. The solution provides automated processes that look inside the mobile app property files and APIs to understand what features the app is accessing on the device in order to identify apps that exhibit risky behaviour. Transparency to these behaviours will help enterprises establish mobile application management policies and configuration profiles designed to reduce risk.

Getting to Know Features and Behaviours of Mobile Apps

Strategic use of mobile apps in the enterprise is on the rise, yet there is rarely any institutional knowledge regarding how mobile apps behave when deployed or how to modify that behaviour to support enterprise standards. AdminStudio Suite 2014 now provides automated processes that allow IT to look inside the mobile app property files and APIs to understand what the app is accessing on the device, increasing understanding of the mobile app and OS settings in order to establish appropriate packaging and deployment policies.

According to Maureen Polte, Vice President of Product Management at Flexera Software, as organisations implement consumer-friendly policies such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), IT teams are under the gun to deliver service to their teams without sacrificing reliability and security. This is particularly challenging with the proliferation of mobile apps accessing enterprise data and systems.

She adds that AdminStudio Suite 2014 is the only strategic Application Readiness solution capable of delivering a consistent set of IT processes across all enterprise applications including mobile.

Additional Enhancements

AdminStudio Suite 2014 also provides tests to determine compatibility of web applications with Internet Explorer 11, and support for VMware ThinApp 5.0 with new virtualization suitability tests and conversion capabilities. AdminStudio 2014 also makes it easier and faster than ever to upgrade Microsoft App-V 4.x virtual applications to App-V 5.0.

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