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Apple and Samsung in patent retrial

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Smartphone and tablet manufacturers Apple and Samsung are about to again go to court to decide how much Samsung owes Apple for violation of patent rights.

News.com.au reports that the two companies will be involved in a retrial in San Jose, California. It has already been found that some Samsung products violated Apple’s patent rights and the purpose of this trial is to decide on payments.

As CNET reports, the first trial took place in August 2012. Apple accused Samsung of copying the look and feel of its products and Samsung countersued over patent infringement. Both of these cases were covered in the one trial and the jury ruled in Apple’s favour.

Following the trial, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh cut about $450 million from the jury's $1 billion award because she concluded that the panel improperly calculated damages on 13 of the more than two dozen Samsung devices found to have violated patent and trademark protections.

The purpose of the retrial will be to give both companies the chance to convince the jury that they have become the leaders in the industry.

In other words, the two companies are arguing about how much Apple lost from the sale of Samsung's devices that infringed on its patents.

Image: CNET

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