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Advanced Manufacturing CRC confident that innovative collaborations can continue

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The Advanced Manufacturing CRC has said its history so far has been characterised by successful collaboration.

The CRC has put in a combined re-submission for funding with the Manufacturing Industry Innovation CRC. If this bid is successful, the new organisation will be known as the Innovative Manufacturing CRC.

“We’ve invested in bringing together the best minds and the greatest ideas with the aim of building a viable future for Australian manufacturing – and we’re proud of what we have achieved in the period,” said CEO Andrew McLellan in a statement.

"The collaborative approach will continue in the future entity."

The CRC program began in 1991 under Bob Hawke’s Labor government. The AMCRC was established in 2008 with $35 million in funds.

On May 20 the AMCRC won a CRC Excellence in Innovation award for the Polycrystalline Diamond Machining (PCD) project with ANCA, which was named the Manufacturer of The Year at Manufacturers’ Monthly's Endeavour Awards in 2013.

“The Excellence in Innovation award is just one example of the successful support extended to our industry and research partners,” said McLellan.

The PCD project is useful for in titanium/composites, which are used in aerospace for weight reduction and are tough on tools.

Despite the $80 million in CRC funding cuts over four years in the federal budget, McLellan said he understood the federal; government was committed to the continuation of the CRC program.

Parliamentary secretary to the industry minister Bob Baldwin said earlier in the year that CRCs would in future need to be self-sustaining.

"Industry and others need to know that the funding that has been provided isn't there forever,” Baldwin said in May.

Success stories among AMCRC partners include Endeavour winners this year Rode Microphones (Exporter of The Year), Marand Precision Engineering (Manufacturer of The Year) and Amaero Engineering which - with the AMCRC - was a finalist at the awards.

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