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ASHRAE president William Bahnfleth to present at ARBS

article image ASHRAE President William Bahnfleth

ASHRAE President and indoor air quality expert Dr William Bahnfleth will present a seminar at the upcoming ARBS 2014 in Melbourne in May.

Dr Bahnfleth says that buildings are one of the largest energy end use sectors in countries around the globe. Concerns for the availability of energy supplies and the impact of energy use on the environment are driving a worldwide focus on energy end use reduction.

However, in this push for dramatic changes in energy use intensity of the building sector, it is essential that the fundamental importance of indoor environmental quality, particularly indoor air quality, is not lost.

Dr Bahnfleth’s presentation will address: The significance of indoor air quality in terms of its impact on health and productivity and associated costs; The linkage between indoor air quality and building energy demands, including examples of efficient technologies for maintaining good indoor air quality; and, The need for an approach to building research, design, and operation that recognises this connection.

Registration is required for participation in the seminar.

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