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New 2 component epoxy offering dimensional stability and low shrinkage

article image Master Bond EP110F8-5 epoxy

The new two component epoxy from Master Bond offers excellent dimensional stability and low shrinkage on cure in a broad range of potting, sealing, encapsulation and casting applications.

Rohit Ramnath, senior product engineer explains that the Master Bond EP110F8-5 system is an easy-to-use heat curing epoxy that is ideal for applications where dimensional stability, electrical insulation properties and thermal cycling resistance are required.

Master Bond EP110F8-5 features superior electrical insulation properties including volume resistivity exceeding 1015 ohm-cm, a dielectric constant of 2.91 at 1 KHz and a dissipation factor of 0.009 at 1 KHz.

The two component epoxy has a one to two mix ratio by weight with a moderate mixed viscosity of 7,000-11,000 cps and good flow properties. It requires an elevated temperature cure at 250-300°F in 4-6 hours. EP110F8-5 has a very long pot life of 2-3 days at room temperature.

Key features of Master Bond EP110F8-5 epoxy include rigid system with a Shore D hardness of 70-80; ability to maintain excellent toughness, offering an elongation of 40-60%; ability to withstand thermal cycling as well as impact and vibration, passing 10 thermal shock cycles of -55°C to +125°C; compressive strength of 18,000-20,000 psi allowing adherence to a wide variety of substrates such as metals, composites, glass and many plastics; and resistance to water, oil and fuel exposure.

Master Bond EP110F8-5 epoxy is serviceable over a wide temperature range of -100°F to +300°F (-73°C to +149°C). Part A of the two-component epoxy is tan in colour and Part B is brown. This system is available for use in ½ pint, pint, quart, gallon and 5 gallon container kits.

Read more about Master Bond’s dimensionally stable adhesives or contact Tech Support at +1-201-343-8983.

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