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​Green solutions for contaminant detection in food processes

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Materials that are claimed to guarantee maximum hygiene, safety and cost-efficiency for food, beverage and primary product processing are being introduced to Australia by Cut To Size Plastics.

The company, which engineers OEM and replacement components from the Wefapress engineering plastics range, says its products for critical processes in such businesses offer real cost-advantages through easy fabrication and proven compliance with top world hygiene standards.

OEM and replacement parts fabricated from Wefapress’ St 6000 AST, 6000 MDP and 7000 AMB ranges are already said to comply with world standards, such as those of the US FDA and the European Regulation No 10/2011 defining contact between plastics and food.

Wefapress products for manufacturing, sorting, processing and distribution of food, beverage and agricultural products include:

  • St 6000 AST (FDA). The PE-UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) materials prevents electrical charging of high-speed work processes. Plant operators benefit from its sliding properties, resistance to wear, temperature and chemical resistance, as well as dimensional stability.
  • St 6000 MDP. This PE-UHMW containing metallic additives to aid in the incorporation of contaminant detectors used in industries extending from the baking and meat processing to processing and packaging of consumer products.
  • St 7000 AMB. This ultra-high molecular weight anti-microbacterial polyethylene has been optimised for critical production processes. The additives in this material offer long-term protection against bacteria and fungal attack. Applications range from antiseptic kitchen tables through to antibacterial conveyor belts. ST 7000 AMB is completely safe for humans and the environment and does not contain any heavy metals or other poison additives, says the manufacturer.

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