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CeBIT expanding drone showcase

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CeBIT is expanding its drones showcase next year due to the proliferation drone technologies over the past 12 months.

In addition to the ‘Unmanned Systems & Solutions’ topic cluster, CeBIT will be showcasing the solutions that are necessary to develop and operate unmanned systems as well as future application opportunities for them, including the Internet of Things, Big Data applications, Communi­cations and Infrastructure Solutions and Research & Development.

“The ‘Unmanned Systems & Solutions’ topic cluster will be a visitor magnet again in 2017,” commented Frese, adding that this year alone some 100,000 visitors displayed an interest in offerings involving unmanned flying objects.

To create growth opportunities for the newly expanded topic cluster, ‘Unmanned Systems & Solutions’ is being staged next year in Hall 17.. The core focus of the presentations will be on business applications for the economy, science and civil society. The relevant application areas extend from logistics and surveying technology to agriculture and forestry, police and fire prevention, retailing and medicine.

In designing the new topic cluster, Deutsche Messe is cooperating with several different partners, including the German BUVUS association for unmanned systems, which was established as a network and special interest group for the use of drones and other unmanned systems in the commercial sphere.

In the conference section of “Unmanned Systems & Solutions”, BUVUS will be discussing the latest legislative issues – of eminent importance, above all for transport and logistics applications. A further conference topic will consist of the use of sensory systems. BUVUS will also be presenting numerous best-practice examples, including from the areas of construction and real estate, police and firefighting and transport and logistics.

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