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Top five animals on the mine

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It's not just miners that face the hazards found on site, here Australian Mining has gathered five animals that found themselves on site.

5. Emu patrol

A grader operator did the right thing when they came across a mob of emus. Here we can see them gently guiding them off the road and making sure the emu family doesn't wander into any traffic.

4. Hungry snake

A goanna got on the wrong side of a snake in the Pilbara. Here we can see a python making a meal of one at an iron ore mine. 

3. Cockies in the pit

Properly rehabilitated mines are providing a great watering hole and food source for a number of animals. Here we can see Black Cockatoos being supported by a former pit at Newmont's Boddington mine. 

2. Sharks in the pit

From the air we go to the water. Before the Mt Gibson iron ore mine was drained and closed off from the sea, after being opened to the ocean by its former owners, tiger sharks would often trawl the pit. Here we can see one making its way around as miners prepared the site for mining again.

1. Cat goes for a dip

A heartwarming story with a good ending, an endangered snow leopard was rescued from a Chinese coal mine after it wandered in and became trapped. The leopard was discovered struggling the mine's half full drainage tank. Click here to see the video of the rescue.

Bonus animal mining memes

For making it all the way to end Australian Mining has included some animal mining memes. Enjoy.

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