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The ten most read mining stories of 2013

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As the year winds up Australian Mining takes a moment to look at the ten most read stories by you, our audience.

1. Bechtel hiring 500 workers for Curtis Island LNG

News broke in June that Bechtel was looking to urgently fill about 500 jobs on its Curtis Island site. After a spate of job losses across the mining sector, news that a company was hiring braided well with Australian Mining’s readers.

2. How to get a mining job with no experience

If we had a dollar for every time we were asked ‘how do I get a mining job?’ We’d be pretty happy journos. Despite a wealth of transferable skills and boundless enthusiasm, without mining experience most job applications won't go far, with this in mind Australian Mining took a shot at answering the age-old question.

3. Female contractor killed at Ravensworth coal mine

Sadly 2013 has seen a rise in contractor deaths on site, and also saw an unfortunate mark in the history of coal mining, with the first woman killed on a coal mine. The contractor was crushed in a light vehicle accident, when her ute was crushed by a 400 tonne truck.

4. Contractor killed at Fortescue’s Christmas Creek mine

Unfortunately the woman killed on site was not an isolated incident. Another contractor was killed earlier in the year. While carrying out maintenance work on a motor alone during a night shift, the man was crushed to death in a crusher.

5. Miners sacked over Harlem Shake dance

Lightening the mood is one of the more ridiculous stories of the year. Bored during an underground night shift, a bunch of miners decided to make a video of themselves for the latest internet craze - the Harlem Shake. The video was leaked and resulted in all of the losing their jobs, and was a lesson to people on site about sharing and social media use on mines.

6. Top 10 mining trends for 2013

An insight into how mining would be changing on site and what would be affecting your future got you interested and was one of the most viewed stories of the year.Despite being one of the first articles written in the year, it kept drawing in readers who could see the trends that were predicted start to play out as the year went on. 

7. Rio miner’s death undiscovered for 4 days

This was one of the more horrifying stories of the year. A Rio miner died of natural causes while in his donga, unfortunately no one even noticed he had passed away and wasn't showing up for his shifts. The worst part was that appeared to not be an isolated incident. Hopefully it prompted

8. Miner’s death sends shockwaves through the industry

Following the death of the contract on Fortescue's we followed up the story with more information on the unfortunate man, and the situation that caused the incident. 

9. 70 jobs on offer at Boggabri coal mine

One of the surprise tops stories during the year. While jobs on offer stories always did well, this one took it to new levels. This story was about a number of jobs on offer at the Boggabri coal mine just months after the operation cut around 100 jobs. According to the miner the jobs offers were due to new plans to increase production targets.

10. Contractor killed at Telfer gold mine

Another late, unfortunate entry in to the most read stories of the year.In December a contractor was unfortunately crushed by a pipe when working on a tailings dam. 


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