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Redesigning the wheel: Five crazy mining truck designs

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Many people have proposed what the future of dump trucks may be. 

They picture odd shapes, unusual designs, complete redesigns of the truck, and all manner of oddities.

However, despite this the basic design of the dump truck has not changed in decades.

Two years ago a German company, ETF Mining Trucks, postulated on the future of rigid haul trucks.


This design dramatically increased mobility and payload capacity, as well as dumping capability.

But the basics of the haul truck were still there.

Does it need a new revolutionary design, something completely alien to the current incarnation, to set it apart?
Possibly. But then again, do we need to fix it if it isn't broken. 
So what is the future of the mine site dump truck? 


According to the German firm Meiller Group and Chinese transportation designer Haishan Deng from HaiShang Design, the new 'super tipper truck' goes into completely uncharted areas in terms of haul truck design. 
Deng stated that he was 'inspired by the movement of quadruped animals' and that he designed the dump truck with independent suspension arms that are able to better traverse and absorb uneven terrain the conventional rigid haul trucks. While the redesign has changed the shape of the vehicle, there has been no word on its specifics such as power or hydraulic capabilities, only that it is capable of dumping in four directions.  
Is this the future of dump trucks, or is it simply yet another reinvention of the wheel? 


A bit more conventional, a re-imagining of a Komatsu 930E. The extra tire would provide increased stability and allow for it to carry heavier loads.


A design lifted from Trimble 3D Warehouse. A concept of how a mining truck may look in 2025.
According to the designer Maddin, it is "driven by hydrogen that is burned in a gas turbine; the turbine drives a electric generator that generates power for four electro motors, one for each wheel.
"The chassis is fully suspended to balance terrain unevenness. The mule can be tilted in three directions, 45° backwards and 75° to both left and right. Around the vehicle are cameras and spotlights installed. The cabin has a second seat for trainings and observers."


This design is going into sci-fi territory, yet still looks familiar. A schematic for a mining truck from a video game. 

What do you think of these truck designs?
Any that you would drive?

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