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Business apps now available on Android

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The federal government recently announced the business planning apps are now available for Android tablet users.

The free MyBizPlan, MarketMyBiz and MyBizShield apps have proved to be popular on iPad, with more than 22,000 downloads since September last year, according to former minister for tertiary education, skills, science and research, Chris Bowen.

“So I am pleased that we can now also offer these essential planning tools for Android users,” he said. 

In light of this announcement, Ferret brings you some handy tips on how you can use these apps to optimise the performance of your franchises and businesses. 

What the government says:

“Many businesses are unsure of where to start and find the planning process daunting. The apps provide handy tips and prompts, to guide businesses through the process of creating your plan. Businesses can also see at a glance which sections they have finished and which sections still need to be completed,” a departmental spokesperson said.

The apps are also about giving businesses the ability to develop a plan and then take it with them wherever they go and update it whenever they want.

“Having a plan right there on a tablet device means businesses can refer to planning information really quickly, anywhere. It’s not sitting in a filing cabinet somewhere collecting dust or in the depths of a computer’s filing system.”


Like the name suggests, this app shields businesses from emergencies. Creating an emergency management and recovery plan can help your business recover from bushfires, burglary or any emergency.

The app provides a template to help you kick off. It guides you to create your emergency plan and helps you to:

  • Prepare for emergencies
  • Take action during emergencies
  • Recover from emergency situations


Any good business needs a plan and the MyBizPlan app also provides a template to help businesses create a well-structured business plan, which you can customise to suit your businesses.

The planning tools were created by experts. The app has a clear process to follow for you to help define your business objectives, learn about your industry, market and competitors, prepare for challenges ahead and manage your finances.

“Business planning might be time consuming and daunting but the good news is that these apps mean that businesses don’t have to start with a blank sheet of paper,” the spokesperson said.


With this app, businesses can create a marketing plan to help reach goals.

The app can help businesses identify their target market and recognise how a product or service meets their needs.

You can also identify their competitors and what their target customers think their strengths and weaknesses are.

You can then position your brand, product and service so that the target market recognises your uniqueness compared to your competitors.

All apps have options to back-up your data and you can save them as PDFs, e-mail them, or save it to the cloud.

View it, send it and share it with staff members, clients or investors any time, any where. 

Visit www.business.gov.au/Business-Apps for more information.

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