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Four miners rescued from burning Swedish mine

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A total of 30 miners were on shift underground when a fire broke out at the Garpenberg mine in Dalarna, central Sweden on Sunday night.

Twenty-six workers managed to escape, but four miners found themselves trapped 800 metres underground, local media reports.

The four workers, who were working deeper in the mine when the fire broke out, headed to a rescue chamber and waited for help.

It took an emergency response team 90 minutes to pull the trapped miners to safety.

"Those who were left in the rescue chamber have come up now, everyone is in good health," Lars Westerfors, emergency worker on the scene, told the Aftonbladet newspaper.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated, but there have been reports a vehicle could’ve sparked the flames.

A spokesperson for the mining company, Marcela Sylvander told the TT news agency the emergency shelter was equipped with fresh air, water, a telephone and radio.

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